Abbreviation Cc
Family A
Genus Cirrocumulus
Occurrence Worldwide
Altitude >5000m, in troposphere
Formation Saturation of upper-level air mass combined with instability at cloud level
Precipitation None
Potential Hazards Indicates an approaching frontal system if cloud cover increases

Cirrocumulus clouds were first described in 1802 as "small, well-defined roundish masses, in close horizontal arrangement or contact."


Cirrocumulus castellanus
Cirrocumulus floccus
Cirrocumulus lacunosus
Cirrocumulus lenticularis
Cirrocumulus with mammatus
Cirrocumulus undulatus

High Clouds (Family A): Cirrus (Ci) • Cirrus aviaticus • Cirrus intortus • Cirrus radiatus • Cirrus uncinus • Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz • Cirrostratus (Cs) • Cirrocumulus (Cc) • Pileus • Contrail
Middle Clouds (Family B): Altostratus (As) • Altostratus undulatus • Altocumulus (Ac) • Altocumulus undulatus • Altocumulus mackerel sky • Altocumulus castellanus • Altocumulus lenticularis
Low Clouds (Family C): Stratus (St) • Orographic stratus • Fog • Nimbostratus (Ns) • Cumulus humilis (Cu) • Cumulus mediocris (Cu) • Stratocumulus (Sc)
Vertical Clouds (Family D): Cumulonimbus (Cb) • Cumulonimbus incus • Cumulonimbus calvus • Cumulonimbus with mammatus • Cumulus congestus • Cumulus castellanus • Pyrocumulus  • Pyrocumulonimbus